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Sport Girdle Excellence-Black 1024B



Product Details

  • Made in Colombia, Your best choice. Zipper and eye closure.
  • About the garment: The Exclencia corset type waist trainer is meant to reduce waist, abdomen, and lower back measurements. It features a 2 hidden rows of hooks and zipper with eye closure for more compression. It has internal rods for better support in your posture and back. This corset type garment is ideal for everyday use.
  • Designed to Compliment Your Body: This garment is suitable for post-surgery and post-partum, or everyday use. The internal rods also help with controlling the waist. It slims down and reduces measurements off your waist and lower back. It is lined with cotton to allow movement with comfort. This garment provides compression in your waist to effectively shape your waist for that hourglass figure.


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